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16 Year Old Driving Course

The course includes:

  • a New Jersey drivers permit (NJ learners permit)

  • 6 hours of behind the wheel driver training, with an emphasis on defensive driving techniques

  • explanation of the general operations of the automobile

  • how to properly and safely execute left and right turns

  • parking and parallel parking

  • k-turn (also known as three point turn)

  • straight reverse

  • maintaining speed control on the highway

  • experience changing lanes

  • how to check for blind spots

  • obtaining an NJ road test date and a validated NJ learners permit

  • certificate of achievement

All behind the wheel driver training and NJ Road Test appointments must be canceled 24 hours in advance. If not, rescheduling fees will apply.

Six Hours of Instruction

Providing students with six hours of instruction and drivers training, our curriculum includes driver's safety, rules of the road, parallel parking instructions, highway driving, and how to perform a proper 3-point turn. Upon completing the course, you will receive a learner's permit and an insurance certification that helps you get discounts on your personal automobile insurance. With male and female instructors available, as well as night driving lessons, our agency helps ensure you have all the skills necessary to be a safe driver.

Defense Driving Course

Focusing on defensive driving, we provide a two hour instruction course that teaches you how to best control your vehicle. Dealing with everything from proper following distances to highway lane changing, you will learn how to best maintain your vehicle while on the road and how best to remain safe on the road and in traffic.

Door to Door Service

Offering to pick up and drop off students is a service few driving instruction agencies provide. We will happily pick you up prior to the class and ensure you return home safely directly following instruction.

Theory Preparation

The first step after taking a drivers ed course is to take the NJ permit test or written NJ driving test. If you have not completed this test in high school, and are under 17 years of age, Golden Tech driving school is pleased to take our customers to an NJ MVC Testing Center to take the written NJ permit test.

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