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Another great benefit of our confidence services is the assured results we promise. Either, you’re appearing for the written test or a DMV final test, we guarantee absolute success. The great driver's training experiences throughout those years is the leading force to our pride. We deeply understand New Jersey’s state driving regulations and train our customers strictly according to it. Our organized training, courteous staff, flexible timing, and pledged services make the training session interesting and supportive to experience, yet professional from the core.

Not only our aim but, even our Road Test Service in Glen Ridge is distinct from others. Unlike other schools, we’ve kept both modern manual transmission cars as well as automatic ones for the practices. This allows our practical session to be versatile and exclusive for the customer’s requests. All our vehicles feature dual pedal controls, enabling our users to practice safely and confidently. We not only train about the basics of car operation but, also the basics of driving on a highway, the basics to drive in the night time, a few important tips about safe collision techniques as well as parking in the most complex positions.

The Golden Tech Driving School has employed both male and female instructors in Parsippany to accompany you in your hands-on training. The reason is primarily to make the communication process active for those who feel uncomfortable especially around opposite genders. Rest assured, all our instructors are experienced and responsible in every proceeding. We’re also welcoming existing license holders to improvise their driving knowledge and skills with our defensive driver’s training.

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